THE ANIMAL FARM doggy hotel

will take good care of your dog during your absence.

At our farm, your dog will not be confined to a kennel, but it can roam free the whole day on
5,000 m2 enclosed grounds.


The dogs roam free the whole day and can decide for themselves when they want to go inside or outside. However, they must all be inside for night-time.

Because of the freedom the dogs have, our kennels are particularly suitable for long to very long stays, for example, in the case of a world trip, emigration, long-term illness, et cetera.

From morning to evening, the dogs have complete freedom to run, romp and dig holes in the play meadow.

Dogs who love water will be happy to splash about in our special dog pond.

We do our very best to make sure our ‘guests’ have a great holiday.

The dogs also spend the night together in our indoor building, which is 250 m2 large, and of course heated and insulated. Here we have baskets with clean blankets for all sizes of dogs.

We are always grateful for any blankets or towels you don’t need!

All the dogs are fed separately, generally twice daily, but they can be fed more often if required, for example, if your dog is still a puppy. We feed the dogs the same food they are used to getting at home and have all the common brands in stock. If your dog is on a special diet food, medicines or vitamin supplements, et cetera, you can bring these with you. With your approval and provided it does not upset your dog’s stomach, we always add a spoonful of tinned food to the dried food as a special holiday treat...

When your dog comes to stay with us, you must make sure that its annual combination vaccination, flea treatment and worming treatment are up-to-date.

IMPORTANT: By law, we are not allowed to accept your dog if you do not have a valid proof of vaccination. It is also important that your dog can get on with other dogs. It goes without saying that we cannot accept alpha males or bitches in season.

You may bring your own basket and blankets, but we would prefer you not to. We have plenty of baskets and blankets available, and the blankets are changed regularly. However, if you still want to bring your own, please note that they may get damaged or thrown out. If you do bring your own basket and blankets, make sure that you put a name label on them.

Before your dog comes to stay with us, a trial day is obligatory so that we can be sure that your dog will feel at home in our kennels. At the end of the trial day, we can show you round The Animal Farm.
Appointments must be made well in advance!

Tip: Book well in advance because FULL= FULL!